Our Variety

Added Value
Flower Bouquets
Bachelor Buttons

Blue, 24" tall, makes a great filler with an unusual color


Very fragrant, comes in single and double blooms, comes in many colors, 24" tall

Cut Flower Bouquets

The variety that we grow is called 'Bonita Mix", it is a great spray aster with disease resistance.


We grow many varieties of Dianthus (Sweet William) as a cut flower both in the high tunnel and in the field.  We also grow Dianthus as a potted flowering crop.

Ornamental Kale/Cabbage

These cut flowers are a mini version of the vegetable that you are used to seeing.  Planted very close, the head grows small so that it can be used in bouquets.  As the weather cools in the fall, the colors become more vibrant.


Paperlike petals that have a long vase life, almost look artificial, 24-30" tall

Potted Herbs

Make your cats go CRAZY!


Use the leaves as a natural sweetener

Potted Vegetable Plants

We offer Cantaloupe, Watermelon and Honeydew melon plants for your garden.

Pepper Plants

We offer many varieties of pepper plants for your garden.  They include: Green Bell, Sweet Banana, Jalapeno, Habanero and Fryer Sweet.


We offer a variety of squash plants for your garden.  They include Zucchini, Yellow Summer Squash, Butternut, Acorn.

Tomato Plants

We offer many tomato plant varieties that you can plant into your garden.  They include: Celebrity, Cherry, Roma, Big Beef, Brandywine and Cherokee Purple.

Sunflowers by the Stem

We grow 4 varieties of Sunflowers: Dafna, Sunbright Supreme, Sunrich Orange, Sunrich Gold

Blue Sensation

3ft strong stems with deep-gree leaves. Large ultraviolelt-blue flowers, long blooming

autumns' touch

3 ft pitachio & cream tipped bronze, broad spikes over deep-green goliagge.  long lasting cutflower. Stately


40" Crested flowers  with storng single stems. 

Colors: Carmine, Fire, Gold, Persimmon, Red, Rose


Bouquet filler with a fresh look. Green-yellow feathery plumes sit on tall straight stems. Ht. 30-40".

Silver dollar

stiff rounded silver-blue foliage


30" mixture of globe shaped flowers in rose, carmine, orange, white and red.


Fully double, lovely, deep pink.Thick, straight stems support large full flowers. Best for summer and early fall production. Ht. 24-36".

pink edged lisianthus

height 18-24"

beautiful white flower edged with pale pink tip


Fully double, dark blue blooms. Spray-type habit with thick, strong stems capable of supporting the heavy double flowers. Lisianthus has long been used as a cut flower for its exceptional beauty and incredible vase life.


Storng sturdy stems.  Beautiful buttery yellow, fades to cream

Indian Summer

3 ft Giant tetra, golden-yellow . Thick, iron sturdy stems

Rocket Mix

3Ft  Uright ranching spkes with gragrant florets

Colors: Bronze, Chery, Golden Yellow, Lemon, Orchid, Pink,Red, Rose Shades, White

Blues and Purples

A favorite everlasting

Mixed Varieties

What says "Happy" better than a sunflower?

Benary Mix

Hands down the most richly colored summer flowers!


Beautiful purple basil,tastes much like Genovese.

Classic Italian basil.
Mixed Varietals

An exciting selection of basil varieties.

A colorful and aromatic selection of Johnny's specialty basils including lemon, Thai, cinnamon, and purple types. Versatile culinary uses include garnishes, salads, stir-fries, and other specialty dishes. Beautiful pack sale item. 40-45 days to harvest baby leaf, 65-70 days to harvest full size.

Dense clusters of grass-like foliage are mildly onion-flavored, contain Vitamin C, some iron, and can help promote digestion. Both flower and stem can be cut anytime for use in salads, soups, or stir-fries.
Useful for its fresh green foliage, its dried seeds (coriander) and its edible flowers.  An essential flavoring in Indian, Chinese, Southeast Asian, North African and Latin American cooking.
Curled Parsley
Curled Parsley is a tasty, breath purifying, nutritious garnish rich in vitamins and minerals. You can cook with it, use it fresh in salads and juice it. It can be used fresh, dried, or frozen.
Forest Green

Add to dishes for a subtle flavor or accent.

Garden Sage
Sage has fragrant gray-green leaves and spikes of purple flowers. It can be used fresh, frozen or dried. Besides the traditional use in stuffing, Sage is good with pork, sausage, other meats, and cheese. It is often combined with thyme and used with beans and in soups. Use Sage with fruits in vinegars; if the vinegar is a light colored elixir, try one of the variegated forms. The flowers make an attractive garnish in salads, butters, soft cheeses, and ice cubes.


Thyme is often used in French cooking in sauces or to season meat. The delicate leaves are flavorful and more potent when dried.

Burgundy & Hopi Red Dye
Imperial Black Beauty
This eggplant is the heirloom cousin to the type we most often see in the grocery store. These are often good for grilling because they hold their shape as they cook better than other varieties.
Purple Long
This purple Italian variety is also referred to as a Japanese eggplant. It has similar culinary properties to the Snowy White eggplant.
Pepper: Hot
The cayenne pepper is the hottest one we grow - so for those in need of heat, steer towards these long, red peppers. They are also reported to have many medicinal benefits from increasing circulation to reducing stomach aches, cramping pains, and gas. Drying? yes. Scoville Rating: 40,000-90,000.
This popular pepper is named after the city of Xalapa, Veracruz where it is traditionally produced. Jalapeņos are known by different names in Mexico, such as cuaresmenos, huachinangos and chiles gordos. A chipotle is a jalapeņo that has been smoked. Drying? no. Scoville Rating: 2,500-10,000.